Joe Bergantine


Joe Bergantine is a graphic designer, brand design consultant, and full-stack web and mobile application developer utilizing user experience design techniques and design thinking to discover, create, and bring to market new products and services for businesses.

Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana. Established 1983.

Independent Projects

Design and development of a Cribbage board iOS App for the iPhone and iPad using native touch gestures. Read the Case Study of my design process in developing the original Cribbage board app and the design process in revising the design to its current version.

Contributions to open source signal processing projects in the Python language: SampEn and PyEEG.

Open source Django web applications including a contact form, robots.txt generator, a variety of templatetags and an events calendar.

Open source programs for the user experience design community including a script to conduct a 5-second usability test and another to create a clickable website for client presentations from a series of static comps.

Design and development of a mini site for revealing the IP address a user is accessing the internet from.

Design of Specials Board and Birds of Paradise, two very popular color schemes highlighting code syntax for the Panic Coda text editor, both of which were officially included by Panic Software in the 2.0 release. Also available for Apple Xcode and Sublime Text.

Client Work Portfolio Highlights

Graphic Design and Brand Identity Case Studies

Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For freelance or project work including…